Multi-function device with data transfer, storage,power charge and electronic authentication.

With the diversity of intelligent devices and mobile storage and electronic identity authentication technology are more and more widely used today, most of us have more than one intelligent terminal devices. As the data storage and transmit are differing from one to another, it can bring about a lot of problems:

I it is hard to remember to bring a lot of intelligent terminal devices when you go out, such as USB data cable, USB flash disk, anti-lost and electronic identity authentication. Also, one of them is easy to lose.

II users have to bring more than one devices to charge and transfer data as the mainstream intelligent terminals devices have the different ports, such as ios is different from android system.

III there is lack of a medium to realize the fast data transmit among PC, different standard smart phones and tablets.


I am “Data Boy”. I may feel shy sometimes.

“Data Boy” is a multifunctional mobile phone accessory.
With an inbuilt IC having the intellectual circuit adjustment function, it combines flash driver, USB data cable, OTG and NFC function into one product to meet the users’ need of data memory, data sync, charging, shortcut key and e-card.
Externally, the Data Boy consists of a USB plug, two data cables, an indicator and a key-ring.
The boy cartoon image design makes the product more vital, cute and amiable.

Used as a flash driver
It supports reading of its memory by PC when being plugged into it.
Used as a USB data cable
“Data Boy” will transfer from USB flash disk mode to USB data cable application automatically when USB plug being inserted into PC and one micro port connecting mobile phone. Under such circumstance, it supports mobile phone charging and data sync by PC. However, Data Boy will switch to USB flash disk mode automatically again and PC can read it after disconnecting the mobile phone.

To charge for two electronic devices at the same time
It supports charging for two devices at the same time when the USB plug being inserted into PC or adapter.

Mobile phone to read its memory
“Data Boy” will switch to OTG application automatically
when it connects a mobile phone with OTG function and
it also supports the mobile phone to read its memory.
Mobile phone can lend power to other
electronic devices for emergency use

When one Micro USB port connects OTG mobile phone
and another port connects the other electronic devices,
mobile phone can charge for the other electronic devices
for emergency use, such as bluetooth earphone, another
mobile phone, especially for a smart bracelet, to get
continuous data information.
NFC application
With an inbuilt NFC module, the users can set it as a shortcut key,
electronic status authentication and electronic card in the devices
with NFC function, such as camera instant key, quick record,
fast exchanging business cards and smart key and so on.