Case For SAMSUNG Hides a Data Cable , But Doubles As a Stand.

The basic functions of phone accessory are power charge, data transfer, phone protection, and as a holder.
Have you ever thought that only one product can meet all these needs for your mobile phone.
Yes, "color worm" is the right product!
It is a case, a cable and a holder!
With it, your mobile phone will be protected perfectly.
With it, you will never be anxious when you are in urgent need of power charge and data transfer for you will never forget to bring it.
With it, you will liberate your hands at any time for it will become a holder once you need.

The crawling worm found an apple and had a bite. An amazing thing happened! The apple became a smart phone and the worm became a USB data cable. The hogback of the worm during crawling became the holder whose angles can be changed by adjusting the height of the hogback. "Color Worm" is a phone protective case with an inbuilt multifunctional USB data cable which cannot only be used for phone charging and data sync, but also can serve as a phone kickstand.

A case with four functions: case, power charge, data transfer and holder
LG imported material and rubber paint make it feel quite comfortable
Bring the data cable where and when you bring your mobile phone
Most portable multifunction USB data cable
To be a holder at any time you want
A high degree of light fastness

Exclusive patent
Adjusting positioning points to get the support angle of 35°or 45°.

Size of case:
Size of cable:
Material of case: PC with rubber paint (LG imported material)
Material of cable: TPU (LG imported material)
USB 2.0 AM to Micro USB
Transfer rate: 480Mbps