Apple Watch battery life and low-power mode details leak out

2015-03-12 18:36 Read:

With only a few days to go until Apple's next big press event, where it's expected to reveal final pricing and availability details for the Apple Watch, we're hearing even more about how its first smartwatch will function. Sources tell 9to5Mac (which is typically accurate about early info like this) that the Apple Watch will get around 5 hours of battery life with heavy usage, and it should last you all day with typical handling. The site earlier reported that Apple was aiming for around 2.5 to 4 hours of power with significant usage. Just like your iPhone though, you should expect to charge it every night. As for that low-power mode revealed earlier this week, which only displays the time, sources say you'll be able to activate it at any point. That's a feature we've also seen on plenty of smartwatches by this point, but it's still plenty useful in alleviating battery life anxiety.


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