Backpacks QI_Separable wireless backup power charger made fo

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Phone mount with wireless transmitting end guides users to put the iPhone on it at any time. It can provide power to iPhone and backup charger in time. 
 "Backpacks QI" is consisted of case, portable power bank and wireless receiving mount. The three parts can be used separately and combined. It is convenient for the users to choose.
To fill in the gaps of no wireless charger for iPhone 6.

The application of “Backpacks QI”
Colorful and comfortable
High quality of PC from LG imported material and rubber paint sprayer makes it feel quite comfortable and not easy to fall off. Charging cable is injected by silicone. It owns a high flexibility and good anti-scratch.
"Backpacks QI" configuration
With a 2000MA lithium polymer battery, the portable power bank can convert 90 percent power efficiency to the iPhone. It has an in-built wireless receiving coil and temperature control circuit to prevent overheating. 
The wireless receiving coil and charger mount use QI original chip to make sure the charging power 1000MA / S
MFi license and CE/FCC/ROHS/CCC certification are available.



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