Rainbow Cable-data cable & OTG cable

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Rainbow Cable
Support two operation modes transferred freely.

Smartphones and tablets which gradually replace the PC become the main devices in daily entertainment, communication and office.OTG technology makes the function of smart phones and tablets extended unlimited.Recently, mobile phone manufacturers pay more attention to the OTG technology and apply it in the high-end mobile phone and tablets during the processing.Currently, 90 percent of OTG cables have the single function, the other 10 percent cables only have the one-way mode.As we have known, as the main accessories of mobile phones and tablets, the most important function of the data cable is charging, data transmission and supports OTG application.We always bring along a data cable to charge our phone when we are out of the door.We will not deliberate to bring a single function OTG cable.It is quite inconvenient for us to take along two cables with us.
Resolves the problem, we develop two new products named “Harrier cable” and “Rainbow cable”.

With two modes of data cable and OTG function, “Rainbow cable” can be charging for mobile phone, data transmission and support OTG application at any time.Cable supports several cables to charge the mobile phone and tablets at the same time, they can share one USB port.Data cable mode supports data transfer and charging for mobile phones, USB female socket can be used as an extended port to realize multi-line shared pattern.OTG mode supports the mobile phones and tablets to read USB drive, connect keyboard, mouse, camera, MP3, printer and another mobile phones.


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