Harrier Cable-Support two operation modes transferred freely

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Harrier cable
Support two operation modes transferred freely.

"Harrier cable" combines two cables together and it has a very lovely shape, just like a love dog.The delicate dog-shaped design of USB male port inserting into female port greatly reduces the size and length and makes working out of office easier. It is not only useful, but also has a good visual image. We believe most of you will like it!

With USB cable and OTG cable combined in one product, Harrier Cable is designed to guide users to make full use of OTG technology more conveniently. Compared with traditional OTG cable that cannot be used for smart phone charging and data transmission, a USB data cable would be more useful and convenient when being bringing out by users. OTG technology never provided pleasant user experience for users when working out of office before.


With two modes of data cable and OTG function, “Harrier Cable” can be charging for mobile phone, data transmission and support OTG application at any time. Meanwhile, the cable supports several cables to charge the mobile phone and tablets at the same time. they can share one USB port.
Data cable mode supports data transfer and charging for mobile phones; USB female socket can be used as an extended port to realize multi-line shared pattern.
OTG mode supports the mobile phones and tablets to read USB drive, connect keyboard, mouse, camera, MP3, printer and another mobile phone.

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